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Multi-Fuel Stove

(Wood and Gas Camping Stove)

The nCamp Multi-fuel Stove is designed to use wood or gas (with the Gas Adapter – not included) for cooking, giving you a choice of fuel depending on your use conditions. It has a wide stable base, allowing you to use larger and heavier pots or pans while reducing the chance of tipping. The cooktop provides a place for setting utensils when cooking, while the innovative collapsible combustion chamber and folding legs make it compact to reduce bulk in your pack. In addition to wood and gas, you can also use hexamine tablets and liquid fuels (like alcohol – with an insert that fits in the chamber). The Stove is made of aluminum and stainless steel to balance strength and weight. Designed in the USA.


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Multi-fuel Stove:

Model Number: NST09WBUS
Height (packed): 1.5 in (3.8 cm)
Height (in-use): 6.3 in (16 cm)
Depth: 6.5 in (16.5 cm)
Width: 9 in (22.9 cm)
Weight: 29.4 oz (.83 kg)

The ability to use different fuel types means you can plan for, or adjust to, environmental conditions. If it is going to be rainy or there is a fire ban, use gas. If the weather is dry and wood is readily available, use wood. You can also keep hexamine tablets available for emergencies. The Multi-fuel Stove provides a stable place to cook in all kinds of conditions.

Using Wood – By using twigs from the forest, you can reduce weight in your pack and have a virtually endless supply of fuel. The shape of the combustion chamber promotes airflow and helps you start a fire quickly. When cooking with wood, you can cook for about 10 minutes with a handful of twigs. If you need to cook longer, just move your pot/pan and reload the combustion chamber. The Stove boils 1 cup of water in about 5-7 using wood (times vary based on environmental conditions).

Using Gas (with our Gas Adapter – not included) – The newest nCamp Multi-fuel Stove includes a port on the bottom of the combustion chamber that allows you to cook with gas. This gives you more control over your flame, while the combustion chamber concentrates heat and protects your flame. The Stove boils 1 cup of water in less than 3 minutes using gas (times vary based on environmental conditions).

An FYI – the nCamp Prep Surface is designed to nest with the Stove, creating a very compact prep and cooking combination.

nCamp Stove Manual

18 reviews for Multi-Fuel Stove

  1. Haishan D.

    This is what I’ve been looking for for a long time! I used nCamp stove while camping near lake Orion. It is a great addition to my camping gear. It is easy to use and very compact for campers like me. I really like the features of folding legs and the telescopic combustion chamber. I was looking for easy to carry camping stoves for a long time. Most of the products in the market are bulky. nCamp meets my need. It is small but enough for cooking soup for 2 people.

  2. Tamee B.

    Couldn’t be Happier with the Performance of This Little Stove
    Easy to store/carry/clean. Very effective for a small group. Stays in my day pack. Tested on my Boy Scout outings since receiving a demo from inventor. Thanks Jay! Cant wait for more great designs.

  3. Carol D.

    nCamp Stove!
    We were impressed with the online. There was good communication with the company. At this point in time we cannot review the product as we are still awaiting the product arrival in Australia. Happy to review the product once it arrives. No fault of nCamp, they dispatched it quickly.

  4. Bill W.

    Excellent Customer Service!
    Small issue with shipping was handled with excellent customer care. Personal and pro-active and very friendly. An example for other companies! Can’t wait to go out into the woods and try the stove in the wild! Keep up the good work.

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Q: As a fuel in addition to already mentioned items is that rubbing alcohol or just alcohol? & Does this device come with a carrying bag..
A: The alcohol used in these items are: denatured alcohol. methyl alcohol, but in order to burn alcohol in our stove you need an insert that fits in our combustion chamber (about 2.5” in diameter). We don’t sell these, so I recommend that the alcohol types recommended by the specific insert manufacturers be used.  For example:  ‘White Box’ alcohol stove

Q: Can you use an alcohol burner or wood pellets?
A: The alcohol used in these items are: denatured alcohol. methyl alcohol, but in order to burn alcohol in our stove you need an insert that fits in our combustion chamber (about 2.5” in diameter). We don’t sell these, so I recommend that the alcohol types recommended by the specific insert manufacturers be used.  For example:  ‘White Box’ alcohol stove, and for Wood Pellets, we do not recommend using it for the stove as they do not work well. You may use any type of wood, the drier the wood the better it will burn in the stove. I hope this helps, let us know how your experience is going!

Q: I have watched people burn in these dry twigs and sticks why is the top all burned up?
A: Burning wood commonly produces creosote, which is from the oils contained in the wood. This can build up on surfaces, making it look burnt. An old camping trick is to spray the stove (and pots or pans) with a 50/50 mixture of dish soap and water and let it dry before use. This helps the creosote easily wash off the surfaces. If we know we’re going to burn wood, we do the dish soap treatment before we pack our gear. We also have a Gas Adapter, if you want to avoid this altogether.

Q: Need 2.5″ alcohol burner like ? vsanstar alcohol stove mini stainless steel spirit burner with lid for outdoor camping hiking backp
A: While we have not tried the vsanstar alcohol stove, it looks like the diameter might be too large.
This is the stove we use, but it looks like it is no longer available:

This one looks like it would work, although we have not tried it:

Q: Could my gas option be something like a primus multifuel bottle or would I have to get a special adapter
A: (Need to ask the customer to send a model number or photo of the product so Dan can confirm)

Q: What are the volumetric capacities of the burn chamber?
A: The volume is 43 (705 cubic cm)

Q: Is nCamp stove a gasification-type stove? I don’t see the double-wall design that seems to be a design feature of gasification systems
A: It is not a gasification type stove. However, in addition to burning wood, it can burn gas or liquid fuel with an adapter/insert.

Q: We have leftover diesel heating fuel. Can I use this in this stove?
A: Our stove provides choice of fuels like wood, hexamine, alcohol and gas (Butane or Propane). However, we don’t recommend diesel.

Q: Does the gas line for the multifuel stove work with white gas as well?
A: We are not recommending the gas adapter to be used with white gas

Q: Can you tell me which alcohol stove fits? I realize the standard size alcohol stoves are too big. Wondering what one will work?
A: This is the stove that one of our customer used, however it looks like it is no longer available:

Our Team is still looking for an alternative.
Please let me know if you have other questions or concerns

Q: Is this version 1 or 2?
A: This is version 4 of the stove. We constantly take customer feedback and make small adjustments each production run to make the stove better. The current version is compatible with the gas adapter and has improved air flow.

Q: Using regular charcoal briquettes is allowed on the stove?
A: No, we do not recommend it

Q: What type of connector I need to connect a 20 lb propane tank to my camp stove?
A: We have not tested the adapter with a 5lb or 20lb tank, so we do not recommend.

Q: Could I use my nCamp stove on top of wood? A picnic table or camp table as a surface underneath?
A: When using the nCamp Multi-fuel Stove with gas, running it on a wooden picnic table is not a problem. Using the Stove (with gas) on a camp table depends on the surface material – plastic or fabric surfaces might be harmed, but metal and most wood surfaces are fine. When burning wood with the Stove it is possible that hot ash or small embers can fall below and damage surfaces. When in doubt, we recommend placing the stove on surfaces that won’t be harmed by heat (like a flat stone).

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