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Food Prep Knife | Premium Chef

(folding chef knife and drawstring bag)

The nCamp Food Prep Knife is a high-quality knife that elevates your outdoor cooking experience. It is designed for those who might venture into the backcountry, but also for everyday use; barbeque in the backyard or park, picnics and even daily use in the kitchen (at home or a cabin).

The Chef blade is based on a classic western utility knife and is useful for all kinds of cutting and slicing. The blade is made with 9Cr18MoV steel, which balances corrosion resistance, toughness and edge retention. It includes our signature cut-outs, which reduce material (and weight) at the widest part of the blade without impacting performance or comfort when applying pressure to the spine. They also provide a bit of an edge, allowing you to flick the blade open with your thumb.

This knife has a light-colored beech wood handle, which is durable and simple. The handle shape is designed for a comfortable secure grip that allows for a variety of gripping styles. It is scalloped at the balance point, allowing for a gradual transition between the handle and blade. Fasteners are flush-mounted, so there aren’t any annoying bumps and we minimized holes, which tend to collect crud. The top of the handle is closed, making it comfortable to hold and very rigid. The handle/blade relationship allows full use of the blade edge and enough clearance to keep your knuckles from banging into the cutting surface. The frame incorporates a liner-lock which makes the blade very secure when opened.

The Premium Edition Knives include a durable nylon drawstring bag. Designed in the USA.


Model#: NAC00CKUS Category:

Food Prep Knife | Premium Edition with Chef Blade:

Model Number: NAC00CKUS
10.5in / 26.7cm (open)
5.75 / 14.6cm (folded)
5.8oz / 165g
Knife Blade Steel is made of 9Cr18MoV steel, a 440B modified steel that contains 0.9% Carbon and 18% Chromium.

Knife is forged and then stamped into the shape that we designed to ensure hand clearance.

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  1. Tawny

    I like to backpack and I love to cook. A lot of backpackers, just eat dehydrated food and leave it at that but I like eating fresh food on the trail. I lot of people will use whatever knife they have to cook food but I’m quite picky about the type of knifes I use to cook with. In particular, I need a knife where my fingers can grip the knife and not touch any surfaces while I’m rocking the knife back and forth in a chopping motion. With smaller, straighter knifes, this isn’t possible and it’s harder to get good clean cuts. With this knife, it fits perfectly in my hands, the handle feels really good and has a good sharp blade. It also collapses in half so I don’t have to worry about keeping a sheath for the blade. It fits nicely in my camping mess and cleans up very nicely. I was so happy with this knife, I started looking into what other products nCamp makes because if this is that good, what else do they make? Overall, I highly recommend to anyone who camps, backpacks or has a RV. It’s a beautiful knife that functions well.

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Q: What size? blade, handle, thickness, grind?
A: blade – approx 5.2″ (13.3 cm) from pivot to tip, 1.5″ (4cm) at the tallest point and .09″ (2.3 mm) thick.
handle – approx 5.7″ (14.6 cm) long, 1″ (2.7 cm) at the tallest point of the grip and .7″ (1.8 cm) at the widest point of the grip.
grind – compound double bevel
overall folded – approx 5.7″ (14.3 cm) long, 1.8″ (4.5 cm) tall and .7″ (1.8 cm) wide.
Q: How was the blade hardened? How was it tempered? What is the Rockwell hardness?
A: Blade harden is the process of annealing treatment. Rockwell hardness HRC58.5
Q: What is the blade sharpening angle?
A: The blade sharpening angle is 10 degrees

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