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Coffee Kit

(Café, Insulated Water Bottle and Insulated Cups)

This bundle provides basic gear for making coffee. It includes;

  • The Café is made of stainless steel and is about the size of a water bottle. It brews 12 ounces (equal to 4-demitasse cups) of rich and flavorful espresso-style coffee. Includes a 13-ounce cup.
  • The Insulated Water Bottle is a 24 oz (.71 L) 304 stainless steel bottle, with a wide mouth and captive screw cap. It will keep your liquids cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 5 hours.
  • Four insulated 6 oz (177 mL) 304 stainless steel cups in a durable drawstring bag. They are useful for hot or cold drinks, maintaining drink temperature while being comfortable to hold.


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Camp Coffee Kit:

Model Number: NBU06CCUS


Capacity: 12 oz (340 mL) or 4-demitasse cups
Height: 9.6 in (24 cm)
Diameter: 3.4 in (8.7 cm)

Insulated Cups (4-pack):

Capacity (single cup): 6 oz (.18 L)
Height (stack): 6.2 in (15.7 cm)
Height (single cup): 2.9 in (7.4 cm)
Diameter: 2.9 in (7.4 cm)

Insulated Water Bottle:

Capacity: 24 oz (.71 L)
Height: 10.5 in (26.7 cm)
Diameter: 3.5 in (7.62 cm)

Total Bundle Weight: 3 lbs (1.4 kg)


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Q: Where or how do you get refills of espresso?
A: We do not supply espresso or any other coffee with the kit but any ground up coffee can be used in the Café.

Q: Is there a recommended coffee grind texture that is best? Where or how do you get refills of espresso?
A: A fine grind works best, do not overpack the chamber with the coffee grinds.  You can use anything coffee grind that you want, the café makes “espresso style” coffee and works similar to a moka pot.

Q: Does the Café work with Induction?
A: The cafe’ did not work on the induction top that was available. We believe this could be because of two things:
1) the base is too small for the electromagnetic waves to have in impact.
2) it is stainless steel, which doesn’t always work. A different cook top might work, but not the one we tried.

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