pack small / adventure BIG

How nCamp Started…

nCamp started with a question – could we reduce the bulk of a wood burning camping stove while creating a better cooking experience? This question set the nCamp team on a path to design, manufacture and market outdoor gear. Founded by Dan Cuffaro, an industrial designer and college professor, and John Cunningham, a product development executive, a duo with a passion for innovation and the outdoors.

Our products are informed by years of cooking outside and a desire to avoid meals in a pouch…in favor of real food. Our goal is to help you create better experiences – great meals, in the outdoors, shared with others. Our products strive for three key characteristics:

  • Compactness – a tight package that stores easily, allowing you to go to the places you want to go (for example, our Stove is fully collapsible and our Prep Surface nests with it).
  • Elevated Experience – avoiding ‘roughing it’ by making things easier and better (for example, our Café brews high quality espresso-style coffee).
  • Distinctive Design – the products are functional and cool (for example, our Stove has a hexagonal pattern stamped into the metal…this allows it to be thin, yet strong, while adding visual impact).

Ever since we asked the original question, we have applied the same principles to new products – making cool gear that reduces bulk and elevates your outdoor experience. We are also committed to keep doing it!

pack small / adventure BIG
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