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June 6, 2020

Wood or Gas – Useful Information

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nCamp is always looking for ways to elevate your outdoor experience, so we are sharing a recent message from a new customer.

We hope you find it to be helpful!

QUESTION: Will your adapter work with a Jetboil Jetpower canister?
ANSWER: Yes, our adapter connects to the type typically know as; ‘threaded,’ C100, C500, CA500 or ‘normal.’ However these are rarely marked very well. The Jetboil Jetpower canister is the same type and we have used them with the nCamp Gas Adapter.

QUESTION: What is better, pure propane or a mixture?

ANSWER: Pure propane is best for colder temperatures, but the canister is typically much heavier and have a different type of connection (although adapters are available). There are different mixtures (like Isobutane-Propane) that are designed for different conditions or to balance weight and performance. The best thing is to read what the mixture is designed for and determine if it best fits your use conditions.

QUESTION: I don’t like the disposable canisters so I ordered a refillable 16 oz bottle that can be filled from a 20 lb bottle. Can I use the nCamp Gas Adapter with the refillable bottle?

ANSWER: We’re with you on this. It always seems wasteful to dispose of the canister, so we recommend recycling (completely empty, then puncture). That said, we’re not refilling experts and we suggest following the procedure recommended by the manufacturer of the canister you purchased. We have not used our adapter on a refillable canister, so we aren’t sure if it will work.

Continue to send us your ideas, questions and photos of nCamp in use, we love feedback and sharing!

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nCamp Gear

June 6, 2020


  1. Teresa Stowe

    I would like to know about types of wood for this stove. Are pellets a good item to use in this?

    • nCamp Gear

      Thank you for your post. We do not recommend using pellets in the stove, they do not work well. You may use any type of wood, the drier the wood the better it will burn in the stove. I hope this helps, let us know how your experience is going!


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