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August 13, 2018

Kindle Your Passion for Something New

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Kindle Your Passion for Something New

Discover the compact stove that will ignite your love of adventure and feed your hunger to explore!

The thrill of adventure comes with venturing off the beaten path. It is an uncertain, risky feeling accompanied by the hope of discovering something new.

But you don’t have to summit Mount Kilimanjaro or traverse the mighty Zambezi River to engage in adventure Just by going outside, going to new places, and tackling new goals in your day to day life are experiences that give life new meaning.

nCamp products elevate these experiences. They are companions that support you on your journey of discovery – providing hot food and drink no matter where your “new” adventures may lead.

Right In Your Own Backyard

Your “new” adventure can begin right in your own hometown. Explore nearby parks and waterways, maybe for the first time. Venture out during your workday lunch. Do a “one day” camping trip locally with your family. Or perhaps take a hike and bike trail that includes some time for a meal.

The nCamp Stove and Prep Surface are great for these types of experiences. Their compact designs make them a no-brainer for in-car storage or to keep in a ready-to-go day pack.

Consider, for example, it’s lunchtime and you want to eat healthy. Instead of running to the nearest “greasy spoon,” you swing by the local park, fire up your nCamp Stove, and in a matter of minutes, heat up a delicious bowl of vegetable soup to enjoy in the serenity of nature…a truly refreshing “lunch break.”

There are also those who’s “new” takes them farther away from home, and they do the research and make the preparations necessary to accomplish their ambitious, lifelong dreams.

Meet Lance Ness: His “new” is hiking the Appalachian Trail – traversing 2200 miles, across 14 states, from Georgia to Maine, all in approximately six months.

The nCamp Stove is tailor-made for these types of experiences as well. Designed as a backpacking stove, it is compact, durable, and safe to use. It also burns twigs as its primary fuel source, making possible nearly an endless supply of fuel when used near forests and other wooded areas.

Simple Exploration

There are many ways to enjoy the “new” with nCamp. These aren’t extreme products, just well engineered outdoor cooking devices ready to be incorporated into your life’s activities.

nCamp products are:

  • Compact
  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Made from aluminum and stainless-steel – so they won’t rust

Fishing Adventures:

Consider the joy of taking your child fishing. You gather up all your fishing equipment – bobbers and lures, rods and reels, and your nCamp Stove and Prep Surface…then head out to the river in hopes of catching the “big” one for dinner. And when you do catch that “monster” you’re ready to fry him up right then and there with your nCamp outdoor kitchen.

Weekend Adventures:

Or say it’s Saturday morning and still dark outside. You roll out of bed, throw on your clothes, grab your day pack and jump in the car for a quick ride to your favorite scenic overlook. You know, the one that only a few people know about but you’ve been going there for years when you’re feeling contemplative and having the need to clear your head.

When you arrive, it takes only a few minutes for you to gather a handful of twigs and fire up your nCamp Stove. You then prep your nCamp Café espresso-style coffee maker, place it on the nCamp Stove and within minutes are sitting back to enjoy watching the sun rise and the dawning of a “new” day.

Tailgating Adventures:

nCamp’s stove, cutting board, and espresso-style coffee maker are great for “tailgating” at sporting events as well.

Think how wonderful it would be to not have to worry about transporting a heavy over-sized grill around for your next tailgating party. Such freedom is noteworthy.

Instead of lugging the old grill back and forth, you throw your nCamp “Kitchen to Go” in a day pack and impress family and friends with the ease by which you navigate the event – like a Ninja chef you cook when and where you want with no limitation.

Beach Picnic Adventures:

The same holds true for taking your family to the beach. Just think of the endless summer fun you could have swimming in the surf then walking back the shoreline to a nice hot meal made fresh in minutes all on your nCamp stove.

The only real work involved is gathering up a few handfuls of twigs, then lighting your stove and using the Prep Surface as a stable platform to prepare the food for cooking.

And when the sun is setting at the end of the day and everyone gathers to sing songs and tell stories, you pull out your nCamp Café espresso-style coffee maker. You know this is way more than just about caffeine…it’s about quality espresso-style coffee, brewed to perfection, on a beach, on your nCamp wood-fire stove. Then when you pickup that warm mug and that hot coffee touches your lips, you know that it will keep you warm and invigorate all your senses.

Discovering the “New” Adventure:

Discovering the “new” is a process which requires both discipline and patience. You must seek it to find it. Yet it is often in the least expected creases of life that the “new” appears. Calling us to adventure…beckoning us to explore.

The “new” doesn’t wait for you. You have to be ready for it. Ready to jump in your car or throw on your pack and go!

The nCamp Team knows this and have made the right products to elevate these experiences.

The wood burning stove is the perfect example of a cooking device that’s more than just a hot burner. It’s a friend that goes with you on the journey. It keeps you company while heating your food and drink at every turn along the way.

So whether your “new” is hoofing it on the Appalachian Trial or kicking back with family and friends on a day-trip at the beach, know that your nCamp products are always there to support you and feed your hunger for more.

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August 13, 2018


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