What are some of the Stove's performance characteristics?
At air temp of 79F (26C) it takes 2 minutes to bring 2oz (56g) of wood (loaded combustion chamber) to a sustained burn, then just over 3 minutes to bring 8oz (227g) of water to a boil. The 2oz of wood burned down at 8-9 about minutes total. Reloading the chamber can indefinitely extend the burn.

At a sustained burn the center/circular cast plate reaches a temperature of over 300F (149C), while the top (rectangular) surface varies from 80F-110F (27C-43C).

Without any quenching the stove take about 10min to cool to the touch.

Does the wood burning Stove come in different colors?
Not yet, however I am working with the factory to evaluate different colors for the top surface. Making this option available will depend on whether the color/finish becomes damaged or discolored by heat.
Is a press kit available?
Do you have any videos of the stove in action?